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Ngoc Hoang Jewelry Tools & Equipment has been in business for over 27 years with our consistent goals: PRESTIGE, QUALITY, SPEED, APPEALING PRICING, GREAT AFTER-SALES SERVICE. In addition, we are capable of providing merchandise based on the quality and price as requested by our customers.
Follow is our range of jewelry tools and equipment:

  • Gold-melting machine, gold induction furnace with very the lowest gold loss and most economical.
  • Engraving machines, high-speeding multi-function engravers creating sharp and delicate products
  • Flex shafts, Micromotors, high-speed motor handpieces, handheld engravers
  • Various electronic scales and analytical balance from Shinko, Shimadzu and Citizen
  • Electro plating machines and solutions for plating silver, gold (18K, yellow, red, etc.), white gold (rhodium)
  • Jewelry casting machine: Vulcanizers, Wax Injectors , Vacuum Casting Machines with various horsepowers.
  • Polishing Machines: Vibratory Tumblers, Magnetic Tumblers, Rotary Tumblers.
  • Dust Collectors: Double / Single Spindle Polishing System with Dust collector integrated, double / single polishing units, polishing motors, etc.
  • Laser marking machines and laser welding machines.

We especially provide the following wholesale and retail merchandise and services:

  • Various jewelry stones in different shapes and colors ranging from AB to 5A.
  • Hand-cut artificial diamonds, Swarovski stones and crystals.
  • Diamond heads to be ordered on request with warranty.
  • Repair and sharpen blunt, chipped or broken diamond heads.
  • Bags, boxes, trays, pouches with logo and names of your shops to be ordered on request.
  • Artistic trays, boxes, cases for jewelry display to be ordered on request.
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